How Far Does the Voice of a Novel Reach? ――The Novel’s Voice Spanning Oceans and Time

What is lost and what is retained on crossing borders, language, and culture

Date :
Mar. 3 (Thu.)
Time :
Venue :
Marunouchi Building 7F
Address :
2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Registration :
Required (420 seats)
Cast :
Yiyun Li , Mieko Kawakami , Eimi Ozawa

Each novel is said to have a unique voice not able to be captured in a particular style or form. Yiyun Li, who travelled from China to the US and began writing in English, discusses what she lost through leaving her home country and what she has gained. Mieko Kawakami, with a number of works translated into English, observes what is lost and what is retained in the translation process.
The moderator will be American Literature researcher Eimi Ogawa.