Seth Fried x Hikaru Fujii  Steve Erickson x Hideo Furukawa

Indepth talks between leading Japanese and US Writers and Researchers

Date :
Mar. 5 (Sat.)
Time :
Venue :
University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus
Address :
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee :
Registration :
Required (180 seats)
Cast :
Seth Fried, Hikaru Fujii, Steve Erickson, Hideo Furukawa, Motoyuki Shibata

The works of up-and-coming writer Seth Fried are the epitome of bizarre, while Steve Erickson uses his powerful imagination to pursue his dreams of an alternate now and a parallel America. These two leading writers with their unique styles will talk with Hikaru Fujii, who has translated Fried’s works and researches the latest trends in American literature, along with Hideo Furukawa, whose powerful imagination places him as the Japanese equivalent to Erickson.