Female Writers Challenging Social Taboos 

Transcending Gender, Religion, and Community

Date :
Mar. 5 (Sat.)
Time :
Venue :
The International House of Japan
Address :
5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee :
Registration :
Required (200 seats)
Cast :
Kirino Natsuo (Japan), Dina Zaman (Malaysia), Jhoanna Cruz (Philippines)
Moderator: Prabda Yoon (Thailand)

For Asia session ①, we have invited female writers from Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines along with the prominent Japanese writer Kirino Natsuo, and they will talk about their writings and how their works are accepted in their countries with Prabda Yoon, writer and artist from Thailand, as moderator. What kind of impact do their works that deal with “taboos,” such as crime, terrorism, or LGBT individuals, have on their society? How do cultural and religious characteristics affect their creativity?