Thriving Ocean Literature in Taiwan – Insights from an Taiwanese Indigenous Writer

At the ultimate forefront – what can be learnt from knowledge passed down from ancient times by ocean tribes

Date :
March 4 (Fri.)
Time :
18:30 (Doors open 18:00)
Venue :
Nippon Zaidan Building
Address :
Nippon Zaidan Building, 1-2-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-8404
Admission Fee :
Registration :
Required (120 seats – please see below to register)
Cast :
Syaman Rapongan/ Nobuko Takagi / Etsuko Uozumi

Syaman Rapongan is an indigenous writer, belonging to the Tao tribe on Taiwan’s Orchard Island. He will take part in a talk session with writer Nobuko Takagi, who admires his works of ocean literature that convey knowledge of life and believes everyone in this time of disarray should read them. Taiwanese indigenous literary researcher and translator Etsuko Uozumi will also take part in this talk.

Host: Tokyo International Literary Festival Secretariat