Hideo Furukawa

Hideo Furukawa, born in 1966, has written a number of novels, including LOVE, Belka, Why Don’t You Bark?, Tribes of the Arabian Nights, The Holy Family, and Namu Rock ’n’ Roll Niju Ichibu Kei (Namu Rock ’n’ Roll Twenty-one Part Sutra). He has also  brought out a CD of his readings, adapted Night on the Milky Way Train into a reading play, written the play Tomin suru kuma ni soine shite goran (Try Sleeping with a Hibernating Bear), as well as a wide range of other works.

Masatsugu Ono

Masatsugu Ono, born in 1970, is the author of Nigiyakana wan ni seowareta fune (Boat on a Choppy Bay), which won the Mishima Yukio Prize. His novel Kyunen-mae no inori (A Prayer Nine Years Ago) gained him the Akutagawa Prize. His other works include  Mizu ni umoreru haka (The Water -Covered Grave), Shishi watari bana (Lion’s Tread Point), and Suishijin no kikan (Return of the Drowned). He has also translated several works, including Maria NDiaye’s Rosie Carpe, and Edouard Glissants Introduction to the Poetics of Diversity. Ono is Associate Professor of Literature at Rikkyo University.